Tables caters to a diverse range of clients much like the ingredients we use in our menus. Here are a few testimonials from our lovely clients …

Anniversary Party

“Krystal recently came to our home to cater for our 40th wedding anniversary party. The service was first class and totally stress free for us with a great choice of excellent main courses and desserts which were enjoyed by all our guests. Lots of them commented on how calm and professional she was while being so pleasant. Thank you Krystal for an amazing night.”

Elizabeth and Ken Wilson

Festival Weekend

“Krystal of Table has very kindly catered for our Northern Permaculture Gathering on Oxford Island in August. She cheerfully put up with our vague instructions of ‘there could be 50, there could be 150’, ‘people will bring some veg, but we don’t know how much or what’, ‘there will be volunteers helping in the kitchen, but not sure how many’. In the end up to 150+ people were fed and it was generally agreed that it was the best food ever served at one of our gatherings. And all served with a smile. Nothing seems to phase this woman and we hope she can do this for us again next year.”

Heiko Vermeulen, Northern Permaculture Gathering

Post-wedding Gathering

“Krystal provided the catering for a family party in our home in May ’19 for 80+ guests. She delivered a great service and was a total pleasure to work with. I would have no hesitation recommending Krystal, she is very professional, offers a great range of dishes and nothing seems to be a problem for her.” 

Michelle  McGrath

Private Holiday Chef

“Krystal worked for me during August at our home in Ireland where we hosted 20 people for a full week. She impressed me and all my guests no end with her creativity, proactivity and exceptionally hard work. She worked tirelessly to produce an endless supply of delicious breakfasts, lunches and evening meals including cakes and desserts. At no time was Krystal phased by having to make last minute changes to meal plans or by having to accommodate a few extra mouths to feed. She even made interim trips to the supermarket to top up on extra ingredients and at all times was quiet and discreet. Her no fuss, can-do attitude significantly reduced the stress of having to cater for such a large crowd over an entire week. I would recommend her highly to anyone who needs a reliable and creative cook to help them with challenging situations.”

Debbie Parriss

Christmas Church Event

β€œWe have held an annual Christmas event for around 100 women the last few years. Doing the catering (badly)ourselves we usually ended up stressed & not able to enjoy the night. Last year Krystal (just herself) came & effortlessly managed to provide a delicious meal for everyone (previously took at least 5 of us!) the food was gorgeous & we so appreciated her taking this stress of us & leaving us to enjoy the fellowship with everyone. Cannot recommend Krystal highly enough, she is booked again for this year!”

Angela Steele