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The following Terms and Conditions have been set by Table (we). When securing your Event booking date with Table, it is assumed that you (the client and/or the customer) have read, understood and accepted the following Terms and Conditions. Bookings can be confirmed in person or via email. We do not accept liability for any misunderstandings on instructions given to us verbally. Table’s Terms & Conditions are accepted fully by the client when an event is booked – an event is booked when payment of a deposit is received.

Booking Quotations
All quotations issued are only valid for 14 days from the date of quotation and are subject to availability.

All quotations are made on the assumption that the serving of the food is buffet style and that the food is served at one agreed Meal Serving Time. If the food serving time is at multiple times then you must state that at the time of the quotation request so we can quote you accordingly.

Before paying a deposit to confirm your booking, please ensure that you have been given the correct quote for your event.
For us (Table) to give you the correct quote we need to know the following information:

1. Date of Event
2. Venue Name(s) and Address(s)
3. Number of guest to cater for
4. Serving Style (Buffet)
5. Cutlery & Crockery Requirements
6. Full Menu(s) Details
7. Your full event itinerary(s)

Once we have received the above information, we will give you a full quote per person based on your requirements. Any menu changes may change the cost per person.
Once you have placed an order with us, your final confirmed menu, itinerary and final number of guests are due 14 days prior to your event date. We require the final payment for all orders 14 days prior the event date. The funds should be cleared funds in our account. Failure to make payment on time may result in your order being cancelled and the client still charged for the full cost of the event.
Charges will also occur in the event of dishonoured payments and banking charges with a minimum of £30.

Please note that the quote given will be based on the catering numbers given to us. This will be the minimum number of people the quote will be based on. If the numbers drop the quoted price  per guest may increase.

All prices quoted are based on the information provided by the client at the beginning of the quotation process. 

Table linens/glassware/tableware supplied by us will be charged at the standard rate. 

Any extra charges levied at us by the venue will be passed on to the client. 

Unless agreed otherwise via email, the services that we agree to provide to you are only the services specified in your Event confirmation.

Please note that Table only supply the chef, serving staff, kitchen equipment, food and crockery/cutlery. All other services that are booked with our suggested companies/suppliers, you must pay them direct as they are supplying you that service and not us. At times, we may also make the booking with these suppliers on your behalf but once again you will need to pay them direct and not Table. 

Menu Selection
Contents of the menu and any items we supply are subject to market availability.

Kids Menu
We can arrange prices for Children and special menus for them. Generally children under 5 are free children under 10 are half price and children 10 and over are adult price.

Number of Staff required will vary depending on the style of event and level of service required.

Event Confirmation & Payments
When securing an Event booking we assume that you accept our current Terms and Conditions.

Booking Date Confirmation
Table works strictly on a first come first serve basis. This means that the first person who pays a deposit will have their event date 100% confirmed. We may have other enquiries for the same day. It is advisable to make the deposit as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We cannot guarantee the Event date until the Booking deposit is received.

You may be required to sign a booking contract. If a contract is not required then all emails, meetings, letters and phone conversations are counted as our Contract.

The amount of deposit will depend on the size of your order. We may also keep a holding deposit.

For Weddings and Larger Events, there will be £500 non-refundable deposit to secure the catering service of Table.

For Small Events, deposit will be required of 25% of the original estimate to secure the catering service of Table. Full payment(less the deposit) is required no later than 14 days prior to the Event Date.

Payment shall be made by BACS transfer or by credit / debit card (subject to a 2.9% Paypal charge for credit card transactions). Cash can be accepted with the prior agreement.

Short Notice Bookings
If a Booking is made within two weeks of the event date then the full payment will be required to secure the booking date. The final number of guests and any special dietary requests will also be required as well.

Special Dietary Requirements 
Table must be informed if any of your guests have any allergies or special diets and requirements as soon as possible before your event. Table will endeavour to provide suitable adaption to the Clients menu for any guests with special dietary requirements or allergies. We cannot however take responsibility for any guests unless advised in advance (no less than 48 hours prior to the event).
Most dietary requirements can be catered for, due to the necessary strict requirements we cannot provide Kosher food, however we can provide vegan food. We can also provide plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free food. 

Food Menu Disclaimer 
All of the meals are prepared in kitchens, event venues or other prep area where other products and food is help and prepared these items may include nuts, seeds, peppers and soy, and there may be risk of cross-contamination. Also there may be traces of products that use milk, eggs, gluten, peanuts, other nuts, sesame seeds and capsicum from other food sources used in our kitchen. While we have strict policies, we cannot guarantee a total absence of these products in any of our food. Customers with food allergies must be aware of the risk. Customers who have any form of medical condition, food intolerances or food allergies should consult with a medical professional before starting any meal plan. Table will not assume any liability for adverse reactions from the food consumed, or items one may come in contact with while eating any of our meals.

Site Visit 
For any new venues/location where Table has not catered before, we may need to undertake a site visit to determine access, lay out, meet the Venue manager(and/or owner) and venue facilities. There will be a Site Visit charge to cover Staff time and travel costs.
Additional charges may apply for any additional cooking equipment required to produce the menu if the venue is not suitably equipped. These charges will be made clear after our site visit.

Water and Electrical Requirements
We are happy to advise our clients on any electricity/gas/water/lighting requirements but do not accept responsibility for problems due to power failure or faulty equipment used by client or supplied by other companies.

Cancellation charges are payable for cancellations of all confirmed events.

We recommend Event Insurance for the unexpected.
The client acknowledges and recognises that Table needs to purchase food and other consumables in advance of the Event at the time of a cancellation or a reduction in the numbers of persons attending the Event. Table may have already purchased the food and other consumables and may not be able to use the food for any other Event, or the food may not be appropriate for any other Event that Table is undertaking or food will deteriorate or become unfit for human consumption if not used by a particular date or by any given ‘use by’ dates. Also when equipment and hired labour is needed to cater the Event.
In the event of a cancellation or reduction in the number of persons attending the Event, Table will still be required to pay for hire of equipment and hired labour whether or not the Event takes place or whether it takes place with fewer persons attending.

Deposit payments are non-refundable and the following percentage of the outstanding sales value will be charged to the client in the event of cancellation:

The following charges will apply:

  • Within 4 months of the event 25% of the quoted price
  • Within 2 months of the event 50% of the quoted price
  • Within 1 month of the event 100% of the quoted price

Table may terminate the agreement liability of any nature upon return of deposit.
Table will not be liable for consequential damage of any nature for any reason as a result of any act or circumstance beyond reasonable control including but not limited to, strikes, acts of God, fire, flood, accident or act of war. In the event of such an event occurring the Supplier shall be entitled to cancel the Event with immediate notice to the Customer and shall reimburse the Customer all Charges paid as at the date of cancellation less such reasonable preparation and administration costs of the Supplier and any non-refundable deposits paid by the Supplier to third party suppliers of services for the Event.

Force Majeure
Table shall make all reasonable efforts to perform our obligations but shall not be liable for any delay or other failure as a result of factors outside of the company’s control.

All Quotations exclude VAT. Menus may be subjected to VAT and be charged whatever the prevailing VAT rate is at the time of supplying the service (if applicable). Table does not currently require VAT registration.

Public Liability Insurance and Certification
Table has full public and employee liability insurance and our certificate is available upon request.

We follows strict HACCP guidelines for all food production, handling, storage and distribution. Our Chef has Food Hygiene Level 3 Certification. We are registered with Lisburn and Castlereagh Borough Council and have a Food Hygiene rating of 5. We are a member of NCASS. We have Public Liability Insurance of £5m to cover our activities. Copies of certificates are available upon request.

External food
No external food may be served at the event by the client or their guests for consumption on the premises or venue where we are providing a service unless a pre-agreed arrangements have been made. In any such event, Table will not be held responsible or liable for the safety and quality of any food or drink supplied directly by the client or any other organisation or persons.

Where the Customer chooses to supply items of drink itself for the Event, Table will comply with condition to the extent that it serve any such items. Pre-agreed arrangements are required. Table reserves the right to dispose of or not to serve any such item if, in its sole discretion, such item is unfit for human consumption and/or displays signs of contamination or deterioration and/or cannot be demonstrated to have been stored in accordance with statutory and/or regulatory requirements prior to delivery to the Supplier at the Event. Table does not accept liability for drinks that are not supplied by us.

Delivery Orders & Storage
If your order is a delivery, please ensure that the food is stored away from direct sunlight or heat sources and is not stored on the floor. If certain items are to be kept cold or frozen then you must insure you do so. 

Table is not responsible once the food has been delivered and it becomes the clients/recipient’s responsibility. A designated ‘Safe Place’ is necessary when placing the order – please bear in mind that the order contains food items. If it is surprise delivery, it is advisable to inform the recipient to expect a delivery.

No liability is accepted by Table for the failure of performance due to strike, lock out, accidents, acts of war, fire, floods, obstruction by any ‘acts of god’, change in relevant legislation or laws or any such event/circumstance beyond the control of Table. 

Equipment Hire
Equipment delivered to any location (private house, dwelling or clients nominated venue) shall remain the responsibility of the client from delivery until collection. Any breakages, loss or damage to our equipment or hired equipment caused directly by client or clients’ guests will be charged to the client at full replacement cost.

The client assumes responsibility for cost of breakage or loss of or damage to the any equipment, tableware, cutlery or linen etc by guests. We reserve the right to charge the Customer after the Event provided that notification of such breakage or damage is provided to the Customer within 14 days after the Event.

Waste Disposable
The removal of any waste is the responsibility of the customer unless prior arrangements have been made.  Table will not take responsibility for the clearance from site of food waste or other waste. It will be the responsibility of the customer or venue to provide adequate bin and waste disposal means for us to use. 

Room Setup
Unless prior arrangements have been made, all tables and chairs need to be in position prior to our arrival on site and arranged as per the table plan provided to us. At the end of the event we will leave the tables and chairs in position and we will not fold down tables or stack chairs.

Logistics and Access
Table requires access to the Location for setting up equipment and services. For larger events, ideally the day before the Event if there will not be adequate time on the day of event.

Table and staff, will require constant access to and exit from the Location while they are providing the Catering Services. The Customer must ensure that Table can enter and leave the Location without excessive restriction.

While at the Location and providing the Services, Table will need access to a sink with hot and cold water supply and access to clean certified drinking water. As well as access to appropriate cooking and preparation facilities. Where the Event is being held in a temporary structure such as a marquee, provision of a catering tent next to or within a reasonable proximity of the temporary structure needs to be provided along with uninterrupted power supply sufficient to cover all of the needs of Table at the event. We also require use of a parking space and/or parking permit throughout the event as well access to toilet facilities.

After-event Cleaning
Table will not accept responsibility for the cleaning of venue or marquee. Whilst we will endeavour to ensure that the area is as clear as possible from food waste, drink waste and linen removed from tables if required, we will not sweep, mop or hoover the venue at the end of the event.

Additional Catering Meals
Client must be pre-ordered and will be charged for additional catering meals for suppliers – entertainers, photographers, videographers, bands and musicians, child minders and any other supplier at the event etc. Table accepts no responsibility for any other staff/contractors booked by the client who require food when it has not been booked and paid for, in advance.

Quality Assurance and Leftovers
Table works under the Government Food Hygiene regulations. We shall provide the Catering Services with reasonable care and skill and in accordance with food catering industry standards for hygiene and general cleanliness. The preparation and cooking of food and the handling and service of food, beverages, utensils and tableware. In compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements affecting the preparation, cooking, handling and service of food.

All leftover food remains property of Table, the caterers. Table reserve the right to dispose of all leftover food at the end of the event, especially if the food has been on a buffet table hot 2 hours or cold for 4 hours or more as per our health and safety guidelines. Food items cannot be reheated to be served again.

If the client or a guest takes leftover food to be kept for their own personal consumption after the event Table cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from the consumption of this food. Our responsibility for this food ceases once the food has been removed from the buffet table/serving area and is not disposed of. We accept no responsibility when food which is left unsupervised by the consent of the client is NOT covered under our Public Liability Insurance.

Guest Behaviour
The client assumes responsibility for the behaviour of their guests. At the total discretion of Table and their representatives, any behaviour by the client or their guests that is deemed to be aggressive, threatening, racist or sexist will not be tolerated. In all cases, Table reserves the right to withdraw service immediately. In the event of service being withdrawn, no refund or recompense will be due to the client.

Table will not be held responsible for the theft, lost or damage to any personal effects of the Client or gifts brought onto premises by the Client’s guests.

Social Media and Marketing
Unless our clients/customers explicitly ask us not to use images taken at their event, we reserve the right to use them on our social media platforms. As part of our service and operations, Table reserve the right to use images and information from your event for social media and marketing purposes. This may include our website, brochures and other sales tools. This includes images of you, your guests and your event (preparation, decoration and deployment). 

Environmentally Aware
We are fully aware of the environmental issues that we all need to take responsibility for and wherever possible we want to play a role in helping the environment. Wherever possible we use local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint. We also try to arrange deliveries together to minimise our carbon emissions.

Data Protection
We will process any personal data collected from the Customer for the purposes of administering the booking for the Event. We may also process such data to provide the Customer from time-to-time with information on other services that it provides and other events organised by us if we feel that it will be of interest to the customer. We will not give your details out to any third parties

As we continually strive to improve the quality of our service we welcome your feedback. From your comments we will be able to improve our service. We value our customer’s feedback.

Future Changes to Terms and Conditions
Table reserve the right to change our Terms and Conditions when necessary due to the continual evolving nature of our business. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that you are up to date with our Terms and Conditions.

Since our Terms & Conditions are periodically updated, only current Terms and Conditions remain valid; please see our website for the current terms. When booking Table, the customer is in agreement with all our terms. Table reserves the right to cancel any booking if agreed payment terms are not met by client as laid out in these terms. 

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