After several years of volunteering to cater for various event, Krystal Mohn decided to develop her passion for food and nutrition into an Event catering and Food coaching business.

In August 2018, Table was officially launched. The heart of Table is to provide ‘Inclusive Food’ that brings people together, regardless of dietary requirements. Those who have food intolerances and allergies often face unique challenges when attending social gatherings.

  • Researching menus before going to restaurants
  • Calling ahead to see if a menu item could be adapted
  • Deciding it would be easier not to attend for the meal part of an event
  • Keeping ‘safe’ food in your handbag
  • Feeling embarrassed discussing dietary requirements with the waiter in front of a table of friends and family

Krystal understands from personal experience how eating out can become overwhelming and can even feel excluding. When Table caters for an event, Krystal ensures that all guests are looked after discretely. Often times, a menu item only needs to be slightly adapted to meet special requirements.

Food Coaching

Over 18 years ago, Krystal developed a digestive condition. After years of frustration – medical testing, medications and even surgery, eventually she learnt how to manage symptoms through diet and nutrition.

However, when first recommended an elimination diet that consisted of no eggs, dairy or grains and with already being vegetarian she was forced to think creatively if she wanted to eat food that tasted good. She would have loved a Food Coach to support and encourage her in the journey.

She knows first-hand that special diet recipes can be crazy-complicated. Even regular recipes can become overwhelming and people often feel defeated after failed attempts.

Food coaching is one-to-one and tailored to each client. It is about the clients learning to cook and build confidence in their own kitchen without lots of specialised kitchen gadgets.

If you have a special diet, want to learn kitchen basics or if you are hosting an event and want to be more inclusive and creative with the food menu, please get in touch.