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Whether you’re hosting a week-long retreat or a weekend festival, menu options are completely customisable to suit your needs. Feel confident knowing that you and your guests will be nourished with good food. Special dietary requirements are always welcomed.

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Hillsborough Christmas Market

Sample Festival Catering Events:

  • Permaculture Gathering
  • Music Festival
  • Green Room Catering
  • Arts Festival
  • Charity Events
  • Volunteer Staff Catering
  • Health and Fitness Festival
  • Yoga and Mindfulness Festival

If you are planning a festival or if you are still at the ideas stage, feel free to contact us to discuss your event requirements. We are based in Belfast, but we also travel across Northern Ireland.
We also consider Festival Event catering opportunities and collaborations outside of Northern Ireland on an event by event bases.

Festival Camping lunch


Krystal catered for the Northern Permaculture Gathering 2019 at Lough Neagh. Even after the event Krystal was unsure how many people she fed over the weekend! It was roughly 130-150 guests per meal over the weekend – breakfast/lunch/dinner. Volunteers assisted with the vegetable prep, serving and tidy up. Since there was no refrigeration the organisers requested vegan food. All food was also gluten-free.

Krystal loves this style of catering – she ordered some dry goods/spices and the weekend attendees brought fresh organic veggies and herbs from their gardens. Some vegetables were also harvested from the onsite community garden a couple hours before serving lunch.

Krystal didn’t know what the menu would be until the veggie donations arrived! Everything was cooked on 4 outdoor gas hobs!

One of the things that impressed her was the kitchen rubbish for the entire weekend didn’t even fill one bin liner!

“Krystal of Table has very kindly catered for our Northern Permaculture Gathering on Oxford Island in August. She cheerfully put up with our vague instructions of ‘there could be 50, there could be 150’, ‘people will bring some veg, but we don’t know how much or what’, ‘there will be volunteers helping in the kitchen, but not sure how many’. In the end up to 150+ people were fed and it was generally agreed that it was the best food ever served at one of our gatherings. And all served with a smile. Nothing seems to phase this woman and we hope she can do this for us again next year.”
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Heiko Vermeulen
Northern Permaculture Gathering

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Feel free to contact us to discuss your event requirements.
We are based in Belfast, but we also travel across Northern Ireland.

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