What is Food Coaching?

What is Food Coaching?

Food coaching is one-to-one and tailored to each client. It is about the client learning to cook and build confidence in their own kitchen without lots of specialised kitchen gadgets. It’s about empowering clients to have confidence in creating food that will be enjoyed.

Table specialises in helping clients incorporate Food Intolerances into daily life by focussing on all the foods the client can tolerate instead ingredients that give a negative reaction. By inviting people to think about how they can keep food fresh, fun, tasty, vibrant and varied. Table loves creating good food that brings people together to spend time around the table.

The Food coaching sessions are tailored to your specific needs and tastes. Whether you can eat anything you like or your tummy says no to certain foods. This includes everything from walking you through how to shop, what to have in your cupboards and to how to cook good food. The recipes are quick and low key so you don’t need to be a Michelin chef.

Over 18 years ago, Krystal developed a digestive condition. After years of frustration – medical testing, medications and even surgery, eventually she learnt how to manage symptoms through diet and nutrition.

However, when first recommended an elimination diet that consisted of no eggs, dairy or grains and with already being vegetarian she was forced to think creatively if she wanted to eat food that tasted good. She would have loved a Food Coach to support and encourage her in the journey.
She knows first-hand that special diet recipes can be crazy-complicated. Even regular recipes can become overwhelming and people often feel defeated after failed attempts.

Krystal is not a dietitian and cannot offer nutrition and dietary advice. Instead she will share her story and her knowledge through research and experience of recovery from a chronic digestive condition when she had to rethink how she was eating. We don’t advise a diet change without a doctor consultation.

It is not about eliminating foods from your daily diet but instead how to incorporate unprocessed ingredients!

Krystal does not give nutritional advice or advocate for extreme diets. Her passion is to introduce or reintroduce the joy of cooking and to eat wholesome food. 

Sessions can include everything from walking you through how to shop, what to store in your kitchen cupboard and learning how to cook good food.

Please get in touch to book sessions or with any questions. What we eat is personal, it greatly dictates our health and wellbeing. However, we often give this control over to big corporations who try to make us eat more processed foods (eg. take two chocolate bars for the price of one). We hope you join us in reconnecting with our food!