COVID-19 update

COVID-19 update

Now that I have taken time to reflect and plan, I’m ready to embrace whatever lies ahead. My last event booking for the immediate future was cancelled on the 16th March. I didn’t know what my next step should be so I deep cleaned my house (as you do on the brink of a pandemic crisis!). And I have also been completing those ‘I never have time to get around to’ projects. One afternoon I took out my sewing machine and spent the entire afternoon mending. I didn’t realise how full that basket had gotten so now I feel like I have a new wardrobe!

Business update:
The self-employment and other business relief from the government isn’t applicable to me and it doesn’t seem that Universal Credit (even short-term) will be an option either. I’m one of the newer business owners who have overlooked.
It appears that pivoting my business direction could be the most viable option. I’m working on the idea of a delivery service – for the self-isolating, the elderly, special dietary needs or people looking an evening off from cooking. Hopefully more info to come soon on that! Feel free to get in touch if you have an immediate need.

I also plan to post more recipes (and kids’ recipes) on my website, possibly some videos too! I love seeing so many people experimenting with baking/cooking recently! And I do encourage inviting your kids into the kitchen to help too! I have fond memories of pushing the kitchen stepstool over to help my Grandmother in the kitchen before I was big enough to reach the worktop. I loved baking cookies and cakes with her but also enjoyed even just learning to peel the dinner potatoes or helping wash the dishes. 

As coronavirus dominates the headlines at the moment, I’ve felt that it’s important to look for all the positives.⁣ I actually think this could be a moment for extreme beauty to emerge. I’ve been thankful that this pandemic happened in the springtime instead of the dead of winter. Amidst all the chaos and uncertainty, it is encouraging to see signs of new life and growth. I have also enjoyed watching the birds making their nests during my morning cuppa. 

I love reading the numerous stories from all over the world of the coronavirus pandemic bringing out the best in some people. From impromptu community soup kitchens, factories switching productions to ventilators and other life saving equipment, communities getting to know one another, saying hello to neighbours walking past, people offering to bring food shopping to complete strangers, those using music to bring joy and witnessing the dedication and commitment of all the vital key workers.
We can do so much more in community than we can do on our own.

While taking time to slow down and reflect (trying not to stress about my business surviving this time or not!), I kept thinking, what if I relax into this time? Fear won’t change anything. However, ⁣faith can change us from the inside out. ⁣

Tough times ahead for us all but THIS TO WILL PASS. My hope is that after this, we are even more thankful for the simple joy of sitting around a table with friends and family.