A bit about me…
I’m Krystal, the owner of Table.
I’m a cook. I credit my love of being in the kitchen to my Grandmother. I don’t remember the age that I first started baking with her but I have vivid memories of pushing the yellow kitchen stool over so that I could reach the worktop to watch and ‘help’.
From there my passion for food began. Her chocolate chip cookies were well known by all who stopped by the farm. There were always extras in the freezer, just incase.
I treasure the memory of my last birthday, before she passed away that she gave me a cookbook, homemade apron, candy thermometer and a monthly subscription to a cooking magazine. I love thinking that perhaps she foreseen my life’s journey. I never imagined that I would own a catering business.
I have mainly volunteered/worked in the charity sector over the years. I am a trained youth worker and office manager. Throughout those years I have catered for camps/events as a hobby. In 2016, I began looking into creating a small business.
On 6th August 2018, I officially launched Table and went full-time with the business in 2019. It has definitely been an adventure – as friends often mention – I could write a book!
Unfortunately, I was one of the business owners who slipped through the cracks during the lockdowns so I didn’t receive any gov’t help. However, I made the decision to pivot and keep at it. It was an ‘interesting’ time.
I adapted to food deliveries – mainly Afternoon Tea boxes – over 840 Afternoon teas since January, as well as Pizza Home Kits and several other bespoke orders. I also did weekly community meals 3,512 meals over the winter months.
Some of my favourite deliveries were the surprise ones. It was brilliant, trying to explain that the delivery was really for them, while they were telling me that they didn’t order anything. And a big shout out to the Royal Mail guys who helped me find some of the tricky addresses!
I felt privileged being out with the deliveries during the lockdowns. And I was well aware that for some of the recipients that I was the only person who they would see that day (or longer).
Regardless of how many delivery stops that I was trying to get through before lunchtime, I always ensured that I left myself extra time to have a ‘wee chat’ at the door so they didn’t feel that I was just rushing away.
I loved that in a small way I was able to help celebrate special birthdays and other occasions during such a surreal and difficult time. I think the deliveries brightened my day as much as it did the recipients. The early bake sessions were always worth it.
Sharing food with friends and family has always been one of my favourite things. I love how food brings people together. Even when I was doing youth work, I would often use cooking/baking as a way to build connections with young people.
I love food that is wholesome, generous, colourful and nourishing and inclusive. Whether I am catering for a wedding or a birthday celebration; whether it’s food for ten or food for fifty – I cook with the same passion.
I am keen to ensure that all guests are looked after well, regardless of special dietary needs. I understand from personal experience how eating out can become overwhelming and can even feel excluding. I’m passionate that all guests are looked after discretely. Often times, a menu item only needs to be slightly adapted to meet special requirements.
I love to travel, to learn and engage with other cultures. I love learning new things. I love yoga (18 years). I love the outdoors – the space, the fresh air, the beach, the sea and the mountains. I love a wee challenge – I will try most anything once. I love strategy, logic and efficiency. I’m introvert and a thinker. And I love to laugh.